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Leslie Cheung is my God.

But don't mention that to Kyo-sama, Ueda-kun, and Ryotan

Evan A. Maillor
21 May 1987
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"But no matter what kind of Jin he is I'll still like him! ... Confessions - that kind of love between lovers, what are you guys thinking?! I'm not Kamenashi Kazuya!! I am Nishikido Ryo, 21 years old, and a performing artist under Johnny's. I am a sexy Osaka man. Please remember me. See you next time!" - Nishikido Ryo

"Fat Jin, it's about time you diet, ne." -Nishikido Ryo

"You cannot tell him of the child's dreams, in truth they were washed away by tears and blood long before so it is with a certain gladness you except the curse he casts at you, rich and intense and as vivid as his eyes. You always knew you could sink into his eyes and die there. So you do." from Friend Like Me By Lady Vader

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Ninomiya Kazunari is love.


Yu Yokoyama is love.

Nishikido Ryo is love.

MomoKai is love.

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